Victor Central School District

The School District

The Victor Central School District is recognized for giving students a strong foundation rich in resources including technology. In keeping with high standards, the district has recently undertaken a major technology initiative to improve access and widen opportunities for technology use by students in all grade levels and curriculum areas.

VPN Systems has played a major role in the design, configuration and integration of a robust wireless network throughout the district. After the most recent MeruTM AP320 (802.11n) upgrade this past spring, Victor School District now has among the most advanced Voice + Data capable network of any school district in New York State.

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Outdoor Computing at Victor Central School District

Western NY may have a short growing season, but at Victor Schools the outside learning opportunities can continue year-round. Vantage Point Network Systems just completed a wireless network extension to encompass the entire football field (including bleachers) and soccer field. Now in addition to student outdoor computing, parents showing up to root for their son or daughter can catch up on e-mail, finish a presentation, or attend an online meeting without missing a single play.


Making outdoor computing a reality didn't come without challenges. First there was the fiber backhaul connectivity that Victor Schools' Building & Grounds had to deal with. Then came electronics component selection. In consultation with VPN Systems, the school's Director of Technology, Dave Henderson, chose a Transition NetworksTM media converter that supported the proper 48v power for the MeruTM AP320s. These access points are not normally intended to operate outdoors, so environment enclosures were selected and installed.

The Solution

Fortunately the Meru APs come with external antenna connectors, so VPN Systems procured the necessary lengths of Times Microwave LMR-400TM antenna extension cable and the necessary lightning arresters whose omission can all too often doom an outdoor deployment. Then we used one of our new line of outdoor 802.11n (MIMO) antennas, an ‘omni panel' antenna (#24PN360-0045N) that provides 360° coverage at a broad 55° E-plane.

Now students, staff and parents can take advantage of outdoor computing, with all the flexibility and accessibility outdoor wireless coverage brings in any season.